Our Process

Our Process

  • Manage an organized process for the successful and expedited placement of the capital or sale of your company;
  • Develop a high, yet justifiable company valuation;
  • Advise on the creation of marketing materials for interested investors/buyers;
  • Compile financial information for a concise and complete picture of the business;
  • Compile an active and interested investor database;
  • Solicit investors and conduct an informal auction to drive the valuation of the overall deal;
  • Advise against aggressive funds and onerous terms;

How We Do It


We implement a systematic approach to collect all pertinent information and coordinate a digital due diligence depository.


We thoroughly research all potential investors, which includes wealthy “Fat-Cat” investors, RIA’s, Financial Institutional Funds, Family Funds, and Strategic Corporate investors.


We go to market with our prepared marketing materials and targeted investor database and generate interest in your transaction. All we ask is for our clients to allow us access to their schedule to arrange investor presentations either in person or by conference calls.


Once interest is generated, we perform an “Informal Auction” to bid up the offers. When our client chooses their investor, we work with their attorneys and accountants through the due diligence and definitive agreement process to insure a fast and proper Close.


We work with our clients to present their story in the most compelling, concise and correct manner possible both in terms of the Financial story and written story.


We develop a valuation based on Comps and Net Present Value for the highest, yet justifiable valuation possible. This valuation is mostly viewed as the starting bid, because the Market and our Informal auction will truly set the real valuation.


Weekly Meetings. Throughout this entire process, we have a weekly recurring meeting with our client to provide updates and advise on the best course of action as the raise takes on new dimensions.