About Us

Clear Growth Capital (CGC) is a corporate investment bank that provides capital and advisory services to lower middle-market companies. 

For more than 30 years, the principals of CGC have developed a comprehensive and successful process to execute and deliver on their strategic and capital engagements.  CGC engagements include equity and debt placements, mergers and acquisitions, mezzanine financing, and minority equity options.

CGC is industry agnostic and has successfully executed deals in technology, education, biologics, electronics, FinTech, logistics, transportation and media. We leverage our deep relationships with institutional investors, which includes private equity, venture capital, and mezzanine debt.

Our approach resonates particularly well with family-owned and closely-held companies.  The CGC team is FINRA licensed and will act as your company’s private corporate finance department.

Why engage CGC?

  • Up to 30% increase in pre-money valuation
  • Expanded field of financial & strategic investors
  • Generate multiple financing & strategic options
  • Limited and controlled auction process
  • Management continues its focus on current business
  • Expedited process & closing


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